Healthcare Industry

WorldCast Live extends its wings to support the Healthcare Industry to make medical aid convenient. Patients and medical professionals can access quality health with ease. Receive online medical consultations at the comfort of your home without traveling long distances to wait in unending queues.

Virtual Health, Quality Healthcare Industry

The platform is suitable for healthcare needs where patients can receive health counseling from medical professionals. The emergence of the pandemic brought heavy pressure on the health sector and also caused discomfort amongst patients as well. Our healthcare consulting software eases this pressure by serving as a bridge to connect healthcare facilities to patients and clients.

Online Medical Consultation | Virtual Healthcare Provider | Healthcare Industry

Quality Virtual Counseling

We have adapted the clinic and hospital to have a virtual space where health professionals can continue to have efficient interactions with their patients and clients on nutritional needs, diet plans, simple diagnoses, and other complaints. The medical team can hold interactive or live sessions from home, the clinic, or offices while patients or respondents enjoy high-quality streams from their comfortable places.

Convenient streaming

Our convenient two-way streaming module enables medical professionals to receive responses from clients and help them out. Consultation is done in clear high video quality with perfect audio synchronization.

Safe payments

Secured payment modules for safer transactions between clients and health workers. You can receive all forms of payments i.e. PayPal, and credit cards for your consultation, or health videos on your website.

Effective Scheduling and Content Management

Schedule a session and let your clients and patients look forward to it. Too busy at the hospital to go live? Upload your health videos and tag members from your health community to watch them.

Suitable for the Aged

Old people and pensioners can receive diet or health tips and have access to regular virtual health checkups all at their comfort zone.